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Google & Yahoo Plan More Small to Medium Acquistions

There is yet another sign that things are getting better in the global tech economy, especially with American companies like Google and Yahoo, with the CEO’s of both companies talking acquisition (yes, I did say Yahoo!).

In what may soon look like a silicon valley version of the TV show Shark Tank, Google & Yahoo both have interest in gobbling up smaller to mid-size companies which look to not only be a future profit, but a future commodity in the world of online publishing, pumpkin pies, mobile networking, AI and cloud computing.

Ok, maybe not the pumpkin pies.

Google, after its recent acquisition of ReCaptcha, is now planning to expand its acquisition spree aiming to at least buy one small company per month.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt made these statement in a recent interview saying that his companies acquisition activities was temporarily halted due to the high prices.

“Acquisitions are turned on again at Google and we are doing our normal maneuvers, which is small companies,” Schmidt told Reuters.

During the interview Schmidt expressed optimism that now that the global recession seems to be finally over, its effect would cascade not only in the U.S. but outside of the country as well. Schmidt is beginning to see this positive recovery being reflected to Google’s current operation and revenue growth which has slowed down last month. But at least Google managed to keep its paid search advertising business steady despite the recession. In fact, it even managed to launched the Double-Click Advertising Exchange which could possibly ignite its paid search advertising business to soar once again.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has also recently expressed interest in acquiring other businesses with its surplus cash. According to AllThingsD, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said she was in the market for acquisitions–specifically “small and medium-sized opportunities.

In a recent study of the top cash holding tech firms, 24/7 Wall Street said that Yahoo has over $7.5 Billion in cash (Facebook money?) which is waiting to be spent correctly. Google on the other hand has $19.3 Billion in cash sitting in its vaults; lingering for the next big deal and planning to unload that taxable cash inventory before the end of the year.

Got any idea which company is Google or Yahoo’s next acquisition target? Do you think Google and Yahoo are eyeing a bigger fish anytime soon?

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Google & Yahoo Plan More Small to Medium Acquistions

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