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Google Waives Ad Serving Fees for News Publishers

Google Waives Ad Serving Fees for News Publishers

Google has announced their latest way to help during the COVID-19 crises, and this time they’re focusing on journalism.

Ad Manager Fees Waived

For the next 5 months, Google Ads will waive the ad serving fees associated with their Google Ad Manager product.

The platform most commonly known and associated with Google’s legacy AdSense advertising product, where publishers earn money for displaying ads on their website.

Publishers will be notified in the next few days if they qualify, with further program detail and how their account statements will reflect the difference.

The announcement is timely, as ad revenue continues to take a hit from brands who are electing not to show on Coronavirus-related coverage on many news sites.

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Google’s News Initiative

The Google News Initiative contains many avenues to support the news industry in its current struggles.

They also announced this week they are offering a Journalism Emergency Relief Fund, where small and local news publishers can apply for funds. Applications can be submitted through April 29th. is also providing $1m in funds to both the International Center for Journalists and Columbia Journalism’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. The former will help support reporters on a global basis, and the Dart Center will continue to provide help to journalists who experience traumatic events during crisis coverage.

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 Fact-Checking Funds

Google also committed $6.5m earlier this month to support fact-checking. The money is intended to help identify misinformation surrounding coronavirus information, which has been a challenge with stories evolving so rapidly.



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