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Google vs. Apple : How Is Android Faring?

Google vs. Apple : How Is Android Faring?

Microsoft has been shunted to the side in the world of mobility as Android and Apple vie for supremacy. However, as a flood of figures come in for mobile device popularity, different groups are reporting a different leader. So who is winning? Apple or Android?

According to a report on Mashable, that depends on what devices you’re counting and how you’re ranking popularity. When looking at the current top devices overall, Apple has a leg up on Android (roughly twenty-five percent share to Google’s twenty percent), but this takes into account any device running off of iOS — meaning that Android phones are being compared to all iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone devices combined.

If you pull away from the iOS systems as a lump group and instead compare Android smartphones to the iPhone, Android comes out ahead — at about twenty percent to iPhone’s fifteen.

You can also look at popularity based on web traffic reports. When doing so, the number of visits from Android and Apple devices seems to be roughly the same (although it varies dependent on the nature of the site).

These figures and the research supporting them give numerous insights into how the mobile war is going. Here are some of the evident facts:

  • Google’s diverse lineup of Smartphones (with fourteen different models ranking in the top thirty mobile devices) seems to be giving it an edge.
  • Not only is Google surviving in the smartphone market, but it’s thriving — beating out Apple after a relatively short time in competition.
  • The iPad is where Apple is really taking the field, since it practically owns the tablet connection industry outright.
  • Google, despite the release of a couple would-be iPad killers, has yet to make a significant dent in the tablet market.

So, when the question arises, “Who’s winning? Apple or Android?” The appropriate answer may just be, “Yep!”

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