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Google Updates Search Algorithm To Weed Out “Notorious” Piracy Sites

Today Google released an updated version of their report on How Google Fights Piracy, which details the ways the company fends off piracy across its services. The updated version expands on the 2013 edition with updated numbers and new developments that have occurred within Google over the past year.

Fighting Piracy With New Ad Formats
Google has been testing new ad formats in its search results on queries related to movies and music. The idea is to direct searchers to sources where they can purchase media legitimately.

For searches that contain words like “download”, “free”, and “watch”, which Google claims make up a “relatively small” number of queries, Google has begun showing ads that direct users to sources like Amazon, Google Play, and Netflix.

Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.58.15 AM

Google has also been testing ads in the sidebar that point users towards legitimate sources of music and movies. Currently, these ads are being shown in the US only but Google plans continue investing in these ads and expand them internationally.

An Improved DMCA Demotion Signal
Since August 2012, Google has been downranking sites that receive a large number of valid DMCA takedown requests. Google has now refined the signal in ways that are expected to noticeably affect ranking of some of the web’s most “notorious sites. This update will be rolled out worldwide starting next week.

Removing More Terms From Autocomplete
Based on DMCA removal notices, Google has begun demoting autocomplete predictions that return results with many DMCA demoted sites.

Google will continue to invest in fighting piracy across all its services.

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Google Updates Search Algorithm To Weed Out “Notorious” Piracy Sites

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