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Google Updates Guidance On EEA Carousels Beta Structured Data

Google's updated guidance for the EEA-only Carousels (Beta) structured data offers guidance for pagination and category pages

Google updated the structured data guidance on a beta carousels structured data that is intended for users in the European Economic Area, which is related to Google’s preparations for the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The new guidance covers how to use this structured data on summary or category pages and for paginated categories.

Carousel (Beta) Rich Results For Aggregators & Suppliers

The Carousel (Beta) rich results is intended for sites about travel, local, and for shopping queries shown to users in the EEA. Google search users can scroll horizontally across tiles that contain information specific to the context of the search. Sites that use this new structured data become eligible to be featured in the new carousel rich results.

The original announcement from February 2024 explained that display for shopping queries will at first be limited to Czechia, France, Germany and the UK.

Updated Documentation

The new documentation consists of a new three sentence paragraph that is added to the current Structured data carousels (beta) documentation.

This is the new guidance that was added to the documentation:

“Mark up all items that are on the summary or category page. For paginated categories, add an ItemList to each subsequent page and include the entities that are listed on that page. For infinite scroll, focus on marking up the entities that are initially loaded in the viewport.”

The changelog has a notation that explains the reason for the update:

“Marking up categories with many items for structured data carousels (beta)

What: Added guidance on how to mark up categories with many items to the structured data carousels (beta).

Why: We received a question through our feedback button about how to implement this markup for categories with many items, such as paginated content or infinite scroll.”

Read the updated documentation:

Structured data carousels (beta) – Guidelines

Featured Image by Shutterstock/JHVEPhoto

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Google Updates Guidance On EEA Carousels Beta Structured Data

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