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Google Update Jagger Crashing Forums?

Google Update Jagger Crashing Forums?

Google Update Jagger Crashing Forums?

As warned by Matt Cutts of Google earlier in the week, Google is working on an update which has been coined as the Jagger Update by the SEO community. Google’s Cutts has put out a request for searchers to review the new update and contact Google if they find their sites banned, or spam listed in the new results. This is kind of an unofficial call for volunteers, but if all publishers and searchers put their heads together, identifying quirks in the Google rankings system, some good indexing is sure to come out of it.

All of the talk around the SEO community about Jagger has also led to the crashes of some forums, including WebmasterWorld and ThreadWatch (unless Nick spent his hosting money on Steak and Chips… update : ThreadWatch is back up). WebmasterWorld is still down though and can reportedly be reached via Search Engine World. Danny at SEW also says the Search Engine World Forums were down for a while, but are running again.

Matt also confirms that the new Google Jagger Update will show new PageRanks (LarryPageRanks) for some sites and the new PageRank update is accessible via some IPs :

Also, if you’re a PageRank junkie, new externally-visible PageRanks are starting to be visible at places like
If you don’t know how to hardwire your hosts file to point to specific IP addresses or hunt down PageRank at multiple data centers, I’d just wait a day or so for the values to become visible more widely. We update external PageRanks every 3-4 months or so.

We’ll bring more information about Google Update Jagger as it materializes.

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Google Update Jagger Crashing Forums?

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