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Google Trends: “What’s Your Sign?”

More and more people are asking Google about astrology than they have in a long while, and it’s more than just a preparation for cheesy pickup lines. Thanks to a shift in zodiac sign dates, astrology searches have risen dramatically in Google trends.

According to a post over at the SU Spectator, 85% of the top twenty items on the “hot searches” for Google are related to the zodiac. This includes news that most every sign has shifted by about twenty days, and that a new sign now takes up a slot between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it seems, the shift is enough to make you curious as to your new sign; in fact, those who don’t believe in astrology seem to be part of the group leading the searches, if only to make fun of how everyone “suddenly has a new personality.”

The “official astrology community” itself is actually at odds about this. While some agree with the shift, citing the fact that the position of the constellations themselves have changed substantially over the course of the last couple thousand years, others state that the signs are meant to be based on the seasons more than the stars (with the stars more as symbols than actual determinants of your tendencies). Additionally, while some state that the “new zodiac” applies to everyone, other “official groups” claim that it only applies to those born in 2009 and later. Still others are adopting the shift in signs, but not the “Ophiuchus” sign.

For anyone who really wants to learn more on what is, apparently, quite the heated debate, turning to the search engines may just be a good solution. After all, it’s where everyone else is going to figure out what sign they really are.

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Google Trends: “What’s Your Sign?”

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