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Google Toolbar Using Browser Keywords Function

Google Toolbar Using Keywords Function

Looks like Google is trying to assure placement within the browser one step at a time. The latest update of the Google toolbar includes “browse by keyword,” meaing if I type in “how do I kill this hangover” into my IE URL field, I will get Google resutls for the response. Keyword browser searches are not new, and most PC’s default with a partner for this function (HP/Compaq and Yahoo for example), however, Google adding it to the toolbar only kicks up the steam of the search browser wars.

SlashDot reports “The newest release of the Google Toolbar (Internet Explorer only) comes with a Browse by Name feature. It lets you enter keywords in the browser address bar, and when Google decides this is a sure bet you will be directly forwarded to the right page. Is this the return of Internet Keywords?”

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Google toolbar seems to serve the number one most relevant site for this function. I would do otherwise, serving Google search engine results along with Google AdWords ads to further distribute the Google SERPS to users – maybe that’s a plan two.

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Google Toolbar Using Browser Keywords Function

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