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Google Toolbar Update Bug Said to Crash Browsers, Hijack Links

Google Toolbar Update Bug Said to Crash Browsers, Hijack Links

Google Toolbar Update Bug Said to Crash Browsers, Hijack Links

Apparently a new automatic update to the Google toolbar has a flaw which is freezing web browsers when the user tries to view a Google cached page using the toolbar. There is a conversation going on about it at SEOChat where multiple members are piping in about this bug in the new Google Toolbar.

Clasione chimes in “this has been a big issue with me since I started using the new version… The only thing I can guess is that Google must be collecting massive data from the users PC in the event of a cache being checked from the toolbar.” Besides the problem with the cached pages, the subject that is getting the most gripes is how Google toolbar automatically updated with new features without warning. I’m sure this is in the Google Terms and Conditions somewhere, but it does not add to the negative reaction some are already having with the toolbar and Google Autolink.

There was also an apparent bug in the Google Toolbar update where the Google Autolink feature was overriding (or hijacking) web site links and replacing them with Google powered links. Graywolf on ThreadWatch picked this up on how the Google Toolbar Firefox version was behaving badly : “The Google Autolink for Firefox is working much differently than the IE version. The firefox version will overwrite links that are already on the page [SCREENSHOT].”

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