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Google Thanos Easter Egg Wipes Out Half of All Search Engine Results

Google Thanos Easter Egg Wipes Out Half of All Search Engine Results

Worried about seeing “Avengers: Endgame” spoilers on Google?

You could always wipe out half of the search results.

A new (and awesome) Google easter egg is turning the search results to dust.

Here’s how to see it for yourself:

Head to Google. (The easter egg works on both desktop and mobile search results.)

Type in: thanos.

You’ll see something like the following:

Thanos Google search easter egg

See the Infinity Gauntlet (the gold glove with all six of Infinity Stones) in Google’s Knowledge panel? Click on it.

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You’ll see the glove snap its fingers.

Then you’ll start seeing the search engine results start to vanish – just as many of your favorite Marvel characters at the end of “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

The search results will even scroll by themselves, forcing you to watch them as they’re eradicated.

Ultimately you’ll be left with something like this as your search results page:

Half of all Google search results

Indeed, Google’s 96 million results seem to have been reduced to 48 million!

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Want to bring all the search results back?

Click on the Infinity Gauntlet again.

Full Google Thanos Google search results

All the results will returned.

Here’s a video of the easter egg in action, via Tracy Ingram:


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