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Google Testing Unbranded AdSense

Google Testing Unbranded AdSense

Jen Slegg of JenSense is reporting that Google AdSense is testing the use of AdSense Ads without those “Ads by Goooooogle” or “Advertise on this site” messages which differentiate the advertising from natural site content (which is currently being done on some premium publisher sites).

Jen says that the Googleless ads have been spotted on the site, which is currently serving branded ads.

She does however have the screenshots to back up the claims of testing and if Google does decide to go down this controversial path in terms of not labeling its advertising, the people clicking on the ads may not be the only ones surprised.

Jen adds that in the past advertisers did not drink this form of Google Juice;

The primary reason for this was very simply that the ad units weren’t branded as advertising, and people seemed to give them a second look. However, advertisers weren’t quite as happy about the situation, especially when publishers then tried to disguise these unbranded ad units as links within the webpage or article, hoping visitors would click them and not realize they were actually ads.

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Google Testing Unbranded AdSense

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