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Google Testing Maps Plusbox in Sponsored Results

Google Testing Maps Plusbox in Sponsored Results

Google UK is performing some interesting tests with the integration of local data as provided by Google AdWords on specific local search queries.

AccuraCast has some screen captures of the new Google AdWords PlusBox in play, which shows local data, addresses and telephone information served in the AdWords ad itself.

Google Testing Maps Plusbox in Sponsored Results

While the use of local information in a Google advertisement is intriguing, and further pulls the Universal Search ideals into the AdWords monetization spectrum, one must wonder how exactly Google AdWords would earn revenue from the spots.

Monetizing the Google AdWords PlusBox

Google, Yahoo and other PPC engines banned the use of phone numbers in ads a long time ago as they were seen as a work around to paying the per click price. If a searcher dials the phone number served in an AdWords ad, then Google does not receive revenue from this lead generated via Google AdWords.

In the case of the AdWords PlusBox example however, Google could easily charge a PPC on the PlusBox itself, charging the advertiser a fee for each time their contact information is actually served to the Google user.

In such a manner, if Google decides to expand the local AdWords PlusBox content beyond Maps information and say, a television commercial for the advertiser, Google Video Ads revenue could be expanded beyond Google Video and into the normal Google search results also.

Too bad Google scratched their Google Maps Click to Call service which let consumers make contact with Google advertisers via a centralized Google Call service. Such use of the Pay Per Call model would probably work well with these Google AdWords PlusBox tests.

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Google Testing Maps Plusbox in Sponsored Results

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