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Google Testing Customized AdSense Formats

Google Testing Customized AdSense Formats

Darrne Rowse at Problogger has the scoop where he has discovered that Google Adsense are testing new ad formats. The new AdSense options allow bloggers to have greater control over how many ads are show and what the overall size of the ad block is.

Here’s the scoop. Adsense are testing a system where by the publisher not only chooses from a number of prescribed ad formats (as we currently do) but where they themselves are able to determine:

1. the ad format size
2. the number of ads to be shown in this space

This is an interesting development because it allows publishers to have much greater control over the design of ads and the integration of them into their sites. It would give real freedom to publishers to find the very best position on their site without needing to completely rearrange their site’s design to accommodate them.

There is no word of when such a system might actually go live but as far as I can see they are testing it in a number of places which could mean that it is sooner than later.

Let me reinforce – the digging I’ve done is with a number of sites – some of them smaller bloggers – non premium bloggers. This leads me to SUSPECT that they are testing this for other non premium sites. This is a best guess/assumption/speculation/non factual statment. Time will tell whether my sources have the whole picture and if my deductions are on the money – but I’m hoping they are.

The recent upsurge in activity and development at Google’s Adsense comes at a time where their once dominant market share in contextual advertising is potentially being threatened by the emergence of new competitors, including Yahoo!

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Google Testing Customized AdSense Formats

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