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Google Suggests What Users Should, And Should Not Do, With Google Glass

Google Suggests What Users Should, And Should Not Do, With Google Glass

Google has released an official list of suggestions for what Glass Explorers (early adopters) should and should not do with their Google Glass device. Many have been quick to poke fun and argue whether or not this list was really needed, but the fact is Google Glass etiquette has gotten so bad some places have already banned it.

Google put this list together both to prevent people from appearing rude or creepy while wearing Glass, and to help people get more out enjoyment out of their investment.

Google’s list of do’s and don’ts for Glass are as follows:


  • Explore the world around you: Don’t forget to enjoy the real world while wearing Glass.
  • Take advantage of the Glass voice commands: Controlling Glass with your voice can free your hands up to do other things like cooking or playing sports.
  • Ask for permission: Just like any other recording device, ask permission before taking a photo or video of someone.
  • Use screen lock: Glass can be locked just like a smartphone to prevent others from using it, which is something Google recommends you do. If your Glass is stolen you can remove all information using the MyGlass page on your browser, or the MyGlass App on your phone.
  •  Be an active and vocal member of the Glass Explorer Community: Share your experiences using Glass with the rest of the community. This helps Google learn more about it’s being used in order to make it better.




  • Glass-out: Google suggests not to use Glass for extended periods of time, especially not to the extent that it appears as though you’re zoned out. Google says Glass is best used in short bursts.
  • Rock Glass while doing high-impact sports:  Glass is a delicate piece of technology, so don’t engage in highly physical activities while wearing Glass and expect it not to get broken.
  • Wear it and expect to be ignored: People are curious about Glass when they see it for the first time, so expect to be approached with questions. If you’re doing something and don’t want to be interrupted by people asking you about Glass, Google suggests taking it off all together.
  • Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”): Don’t snap at people when they have questions, don’t use Glass in places where smartphones aren’t allowed, and basically just respect the technology rules of the establishment you’re in.

Do you agree that Google should be telling people what to do with a device they paid good money for? Or do you think Glass has been abused to the point where a set of rules like this warranted? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Google Suggests What Users Should, And Should Not Do, With Google Glass

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