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Google Sitemaps Update

Google Sitemaps Update

Google Sitemaps has announced on the Google Blog that they have released a ‘raft of new features‘ including increased crawl errors, expanded query stats, increased number of common words, increased limit of sites and Sitemaps that can be added to an account, and a robots.txt analysis tool addition.

On Expanded Query Stats, from the Inside Google Sitemaps blog:

Query stats show you the top 20 search queries that brought up your site in the Google search results (both when users clicked on your site in the results and when they didn’t), along with the average top position of your site for that query. Previously, you could view aggregate data across all properties and countries, as well as mobile-specific queries.

Now, you can view data for individual properties and countries as well. For instance, you can see the search queries from users searching Google Images in Germany that returned your site in the results. You’ll only see properties and countries for which your site has data.

Site owners can also view aggregate information for all properties and languages. Properties include Images, Froogle, Groups, Blog search, Base, and Local. More than 100 countries are available.

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Google Sitemaps Update

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