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Google Shopping: 5 Ways AI Can Increase Ecommerce Sales & Profit

Learn ways to integrate Google Shopping into your marketing strategy, improve your ROAS and work smarter than your competition.


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How can you get your ecommerce products directly in front of targeted, high-intent customers?

Looking for the most successful ways to integrate Google Shopping into your marketing strategy to boost your business in 2023?

Hoping to avoid common CPC mistakes?

On March 29 & 30, I moderated a webinar with Malin Blomberg, CEO of Bidbrain and Google Shopping expert.

Malin shared the dos and don’ts of Google Shopping ads and how to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) while working smarter than your competition.

Here’s a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form.

Key Takeaways: 5 Ways To Use AI For Google Shopping Ads

  1. Optimize titles & data. It’s not only about the bid levels; it’s also about the data quality.
  2. Optimize your campaigns. Use profit on ad spend (POAS) or several target groups of ROAS for better performance.
  3. Gather more click data. Activate the long tail keywords of products to increase your sales by using AI.
  4. Constantly bid higher. Use impression share to dominate a category or niche.
  5. Match the best price. Use price difference data to match competitors’ best prices, or use it to stop bidding on products that don’t convert.

1. Use AI To Optimize Titles & Data

The more data you put into your titles, the better the AI engine can match your products with the converting search terms.

With traditional text ads, you can pinpoint specific search terms and place bids on those you want.

You can use AI to help you uncover the best titles for your products.

[Find out what we mean] Instantly access the webinar →

Consider Levels Of Data

An AI tool or an automated scraping engine can come in handy to add product-level data and help the AI engine be much more granular in matching your products with the right converting search terms.

Image created by Bidbrain, March 2023

To make sure you’re using good data, do the following:

  • Check that all mandatory attributes are included in your feed.
  • Check your product titles and use AI to optimize for higher-converting search terms.
  • Use quality pictures & more data for granular bidding.

2. AI Can Optimize Your Campaigns

Most ecommerce stores may put one ROAS target for their whole lines, but there are better alternatives you can consider.

Instead, you should:

  • Use POAS to optimize your campaigns.
  • Use AI tools to set different ROAS per gross margin groups.

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3. AI Can Gather More Click Data

If your products don’t have the clicks or the data, you can use AI with Tier Logic.

With Tier Logic, AI can take low-click data and push it up to reach a higher tier of clicks that you can use to optimize your campaigns.

[Find out how Tier Logic works] Instantly access the webinar →

So when working with low click data, remember to:

  • Use algorithms and AI to activate the tail of the range of the products.
  • Gather more click data to increase the predictability of AI.
  • Push products upwards in tiers to get more sales from more products.

4. Constantly Bid Higher With AI

Constantly bidding “X” times higher than your competitors gives you a share advantage.

Image created by Bidbrain, March 2023Image created by Bidbrain, March 2023

Using a tool that looks at impression share, Google Shopping’s version of market share, you can grow your sales by increasing your cost of bids.

When you use AI for this, you can look at competitors and how they bid, allowing you always to bid higher and be on top.

Some notes on impression share:

  • Always bid x% higher than the competition to be visible. All the time.
  • Only overuse if you are willing to take the risk.

[Increase ecommerce sales and profit with AI] Instantly access the webinar →

5. Use AI To Match The Best Price

How you’re pricing your products is vital for your conversion rates.

Usually, more conversions happen if you are priced at the same level or better as your competitors.

With prices changing constantly, AI can do the heavy lifting by adjusting the bids accordingly.

This also lets you stop bidding on those products that don’t convert.

When working with price differences, consider these:

  • Price differences strongly affect conversion rates. (<10% halves conversion rate).
  • Either work heavily on product pricing vs. competitors.
  • Adjust the bid prices accordingly to how your competitors are pricing.

[Slides] Google Shopping: 5 Ways AI Can Increase Ecommerce Sales & Profit

Here’s the presentation:

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Google Shopping: 5 Ways AI Can Increase Ecommerce Sales & Profit

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Google Shopping: 5 Ways AI Can Increase Ecommerce Sales and Profit [Webinar]