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Google Serves 11X More AMPHTML Ads Compared to Last Year

The number of AMPHTML ads served by Google has grown 11x year-over-year.

As of January this year, 12% of all display ads served by Google are now AMPHTML ads, compared to 1% in January 2018.

Over 35% of ads served on AMP pages are AMPHTML ads.

This data was revealed by Google in a blog post touting the impact of AMPHTML ads.

AMPHTML ads are display ads created using the AMP framework. They offer performance benefits such as instant loading and are more secure than regular HTML ads.

According to Google’s data, AMPHTML ads also translate to better advertiser ROI and publisher revenue.

AMPHTML ads can be served on AMP pages as well as regular web pages. Though they do perform better on AMP pages.

Google shared the results of a multivariate A/B test measuring how an advertiser’s display ads created in AMPHTML vs HTML5 would perform on AMP vs regular pages.


A test measuring Volkswagen’s display ads shows that moving from a standard HTML page to an AMP page (with the same HTML5 ad) resulted in a 26 percent CTR increase.

Moving to an AMP page with AMPHTML ads resulted in an additional 48 percent CTR increase.

What’s Next for AMPHTML Ads?

Google plans to continue increasing the share of AMPHTML ads vs regular ads.

One of the ways it will do that is through mobile app support, which is scheduled to launch in Q2 2019.

Display & Video 360 support is also on the way to deliver AMPHTML ads to AMP pages

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Google Serves 11X More AMPHTML Ads Compared to Last Year

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