Google Talks Their Self-Driving Car

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Sebastian Thrun, a software engineer at Google, posted on the company’s official blog over the weekend that they have been developing technologies that will allow vehicles to drive themselves. Thrun states that some of the very best engineers have logged over 140,000 miles in the self-driving cars; traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway, across the Golden Gate Bridge, around Lake Tahoe and from their Mountain View campus to their office in Santa Monica.

The way the cars work is by the use of sensors, video cameras and laser range finders all in tandem with information collected by manually driven vehicles that Google has sent out to map routes. The automated cars are relayed the information gathered by the other cars after it is processed at Google’s data centers. The goal of these cars is to, not only, cut energy consumption but to also cut the amount of deaths caused in traffic accidents (the number is currently at about 1.2 million people a year). Google hopes that with these cars incidents can be avoided because even when a human doesn’t see something coming, the car does and will act accordingly. Although these vehicles are self-driving, none of them have ever made a journey without a driver present to take over and police officers have been told as to what is going on.

Google is just now informing of these cars, however, various California residence have spotted and captured them on video as early as last year, though they weren’t sure what they were and some of them just assumed they were the Google Streetview cars.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Poop

    this sucks

  • Ian

    This car is sucks balls

  • Poop

    i want to drive not watch my car drive

  • Xracerjohn

    It's about time…It's like personalized mass transit, but you don't have to wait at the bus stop or train station.
    Now I'll be able to chat, text, read, and do other things while my car takes me to work. I'm sure it has a manual override for the times I want to drive.

  • Pa

    Why the hate? This is no different than cruise control today. When you want the car to take over, you hit the “drive by wire” button and let the car take over. When you want to drive again, just grab the wheel and the computer gives control back to you.

    How is this anything but incredibly awesome and amazing?

    • Aliesha

      Are you kidding? This is nothing like cruise control. Cruise control merely keeps th car at one speed. How does that even compare to a car that can completely drive itself? Cruise control cant turn corners, navigate roads, slow down by itself or act accordingly to the conditions on the road. So ah yea.. this is incredibly awesome & amazing!

  • Rdehoogh

    Why do you say this sucks? It's up to, you want to drive? Fine. Want to read the paper, study, make out with your girl/boyfriend, text? Beautiful thing.

    Of course you maybe already doing these things while you drive??

  • DC

    Can't wait. The sooner I don't have to deal with other drivers speeding, poor indicating skills, erratic behaviour and abuse for following the rules the better.

  • Sania Mehta

    Great Innovation! We have often seen self driving cars in movies or on television, a fiction or you can say fantasy. So, it is just like a fantasy comes true.
    Good job by Google. Kudos to their engineers!

  • Kalasin

    EXCELLENT! Come on, hasn't anyone seen the Eureka eppisode where Zoey drives the self-driving car? Love the idea!

  • bil

    This is the best, but what are the police going to do when this goes big? How will they ever make their quotas? For cities and towns… no more money from traffic violations!!! What will they do? ūüôĀ

  • Tim

    I prefer to rely on my own driving skills when it comes to my family, at least for the next 25 years