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Google Search Engine For Mobile Screens

Google Search Engine For Mobile Screens

Google has introduced a new search engine for mobile users which offers a selective index of web sites which are “small screen friendly.” The new Google Mobile search service gives web publishers one more reason to prepare their sites for mobile readers. Susan Kuchinskas of Internet News reviews the new Google Mobile Search Engine in her piece Google Search For Tiny Screens.

The new service points users of Internet-enabled mobile devices to a special index of Web pages that have been optimized by their publishers for the small screen. The XHTML-based service takes advantage of the alignments of text, graphics and tables that mobile-aware publishers have created to make them easier to navigate on a mobile phone.

“Given that a lot of browsing does tend to happen outside the desktop, XHTML is an important new technology,” said Deep Nishar, director of wireless product management for Google.

Google does a special Web crawl to create a separate index of XHTML pages, Nishar said; he wouldn’t disclose how many pages were in the Mobile Web index, but said, “Many sites are using formats that are more conducive to a better user experience on mobile devices.”

Users can point their mobile browsers to Google’s search site, type in the query, then select Mobile Web (beta) as the search option.

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Google Search Engine For Mobile Screens

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