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Google Search Console Now Shows 90 Days of Search & Discover Data

Google is making an adjustment to the performance report in Search Console, which will now display 90 full days of data by default.

This change will affect data shown for clicks from search results and clicks from the Discover feed.

Previously, Search Console displayed 28 days of data.

A small change to be sure, but a welcome one. As SEOs and marketers, we can never have too much data.

If you’re not seeing Discover data in Search Console it’s likely because your site is not receiving a significant number of clicks and/or impressions from the Discover feed.

Discover typically surfaces newer content, however, it may also surface content from months or years ago if it’s still relevant.

The content shown in Discover is tailored to an individual’s search and browsing activity. As long as your content is indexed in search results it is eligible to appear in Discover.

Discover only appears on mobile devices, so it primarily surfaces mobile-friendly web pages. It may help even more if the content is an AMP page.

Lastly, Discover is full of rich, visual content. So you can improve your chances of appearing in Discover by using images and videos in your articles.

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Google Search Console Now Shows 90 Days of Search & Discover Data

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