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Google Search Console Now Reports on More Types of Structured Data

Google is adding three more types of structured data to the rich results report in Search Console.

Search Console will now report on the following types of structured data:

  • Product markup: Allows Google to display detailed product information in search results.
  • Sitelink searchbox markup: Allows Google to display a search bar that lets users search a website’s content.
  • Unparsable types: This refers to structured data that has been implemented incorrectly.

Now, owners of e-commerce sites can use Search Console to easily check if Google can read all of their product markup.

In addition, they can quickly identify which sets of markup contain errors and begin troubleshooting immediately.

Google mentions that only the ability to report on these types of structured data is new. The issues being reported on may or may not be new.

These three types of markup join the following types that were already supported by the rich results report:

  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Fact check
  • How-to
  • Job posting
  • Logo
  • Q&A page
  • Recipe
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Google Search Console Now Reports on More Types of Structured Data

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