Google Search Console to Explain Why Pages Aren’t Getting Indexed

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Matt Southern
Matt Southern SEJ STAFF
Google Search Console to Explain Why Pages Aren’t Getting Indexed

Google is preparing to roll out updates to Search Console, one of which is an “Index Coverage” report that explains why certain pages may not be getting indexed.

Search Console as we know it today already reports on indexed pages in the ‘Index Status’ report. The Index Coverage report goes a step further by identifying pages that cannot be indexed, and providing tips on how to fix the issues.

The new Index Coverage report also offers simple sitemap submission, and the ability to filter data by submitted sitemaps.

AMP Issues Report

Another update to Search Console that will rolled out soon is an AMP Issues report. This report will identify AMP issues on a site, sort them by error type, and highlight what needs to be fixed.

Once the AMP issues have been addressed you can click a button to notify Google. Google will then recrawl the affected pages and verify whether or not the issue has been fixed.

These two new reports will be available to select users as beta features within the next few weeks.

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