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Google Search Console Bug: Performance Reports Delayed

Google Search Console is experiencing delays updating Search Performance reports, impacting websites' ability to access timely data.

  • Google Search Console's Search Performance report is delayed.
  • Current data is inaccessible, with the last update over 83 hours ago.
  • Latency issues hinder websites' ability to manage their online presence effectively.

Update. At 1:58 PM on July 3, Google posted:

“The fresh data for this report is currently being reprocessed, and is likely to take at least 2-3 days to fully catch up. We’ll let you know here when it’s fully resolved. Thanks for your patience.”

Google Search Console tool is experiencing delays updating the Search Performance report, the company has announced.

The Search Performance report shows how often a site appears in search results, how many clicks it gets, and its average position.

This issue makes current data inaccessible, with the latest update occurring over 83 hours ago.

Google has acknowledged the issue in a statement but hasn’t given details on the cause or when it might be resolved.

Latency issues can lead to delayed or inaccurate data, making identifying trends, tracking progress, and promptly addressing any concerns challenging.

Websites need timely access to performance metrics to manage online presence and maintain a competitive edge in search results.

How This May Impact You

The latency issues affecting the Search Performance reports will affect your ability to access timely data and make informed decisions based on current information.

This could potentially lead to missed opportunities to identify sudden changes in search performance or promptly address any negative trends.

This article will be updated to provide the latest details as more information becomes available.

Featured Image: Aumpattarawut/Shutterstock

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Google Search Console Bug: Performance Reports Delayed

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