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Google Search Console Adds New Report For Math Problem Markup

New data in Google Search Console reports on the appearance of practice problems and math solvers structured data in search results.

Google is adding new data to Search Console to help site owners track the appearance of practice problems and math solvers rich results.

Practice problems and math solvers structured data markup was introduced in March to help sites take advantage of the rise in educational searches brought on by students learning from home.

Google says practice content and math assistance are among the most requested types of information from students.

Practice problems refers to material that helps learners test their knowledge of a subject, while math solvers refers to explanations that help students get unstuck while working on math problems.

Sites with eligible content can utilize the new markup to increase brand awareness in Google search results and potentially increase traffic as a result of the enhanced visibility.

Google has been getting faster at providing site owners with data on the appearance of rich results after introducing support for new types of structured data. This update to Search Console is a prime example of Google’s expediency.

Here’s what site owners can expect to find in Search Console when using practice problems and math solvers structured data.

Debug and Monitor Practice Problems and Math Solvers Markup

New reports in Search Console can help site owners monitor and debug markup issues related to practice problems and math solvers.

To access the data, navigate to the performance report and select either practice problems or math solvers as a search appearance.

The reports show all errors, warnings, and valid items for pages containing these new types of structured data.

Data in the reports allow site owners to understand what Google can or cannot read on a page. From there they can troubleshoot any rich result errors.

When an error is fixed, the same reports can be used to trigger Google to recrawl the affected pages and validate that corrections have been made.

In addition, site owners can use Google’s Rich Results Test to check structured data markup on a page by page basis, either by submitting a URL or copying and pasting code snippets.

One more way to test the markup is to use the brand new replacement for Google’s structured data testing tool. Longtime SEOs should be highly familiar with this tool’s user interface.

It’s important to note that valid structured data markup does not guarantee Google will display a rich result for a given page. The markup makes a page eligible to serve rich results at Google’s discretion.

Source: Google Search Central

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Google Search Console Adds New Report For Math Problem Markup

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