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Google Rolls Out 2 New Ways To Analyze Data In Ads Data Hub

Google is launching new tools in Ads Data Hub to help marketers and third-party measurement partners analyze data with more accurate insights.

Google is rolling out new ways to analyze data using Ads Data Hub with solutions designed for marketers and third-party measurement partners.

Google Ads Data Hub allows marketers to analyze data against specific business objectives, such as quantifying a customer’s path to purchase.

Measurement partners also use ads Data Hub to conduct third-party assessments of metrics such as video viewability and audience reach.

To satisfy both groups of users, Google is launching two dedicated tools in Ads Data Hub: Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners.

Google Ads Data Hub for Marketers

With Ads Data Hub for Marketers, Google aims to help brands and agencies analyze more of their data in one place and provide faster access to insights.

The version of Ads Data Hub designed for marketers offers a simplified experience, focusing on insights that better inform how brands and agencies purchase media.

Google shares an example of how Riot Games, developers of the PC game League of Legends, uses Ads Data Hub to analyze its marketing efforts:

“The company centralized their insights and combined them with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 data. This let Riot Games attribute credit to various ad touch points, accurately measure return on ad spend (ROAS), and establish a new benchmark showing that for every $1 Riot Games spent on Google media, it received $2 in revenue. Marketers, like Riot Games, perform these analyses regularly, with hundreds of thousands of queries run in 2022 alone.”

As marketers use the simplified version of Ads Data Hub and accumulate new query templates and workflows, Google suggests there will be less need for additional technical resources.

In future updates, marketers will be able to activate audience segments on new inventory, including YouTube.

Google Ads Data Hub For Measurement Partners

Third-party data partners can use Ads Data Hub For Measurement Partners to provide YoUTube measurement services on behalf of marketers, advertisers, agencies, or publishers.

Google says the version of Ads Data Hub designed for measurement partners makes it easier to offer accurate and near real-time insights.

This allows marketers to work with independent third-party partners to calculate and report YouTube ad performance across devices, formats, and metrics.

In addition, Google is expanding measurement services on Ads Data Hub to enable cross-media solutions for YouTube. This makes it possible to analyze the performance of YouTube campaigns relative to other media channels.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Screenshot from, October 2022. 

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Google Rolls Out 2 New Ways To Analyze Data In Ads Data Hub

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