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New In Google Search Console: Rich Results Filter

Google search console rich result filter

Fresh off of adding keyword comparison data to the Search Console, Google has given SEOs another new filter.

If you’ve implemented rich snippet or rich card structured data, a new rich results filter is now live in the Search Analytics report within the Search Console.

To find it, log into the Search Console, select your website, navigate to the Search Traffic report, and then click on Search Analytics.

Click on the Search Appearance filter to select the “Rich result” option. This will give you valuable data – on impressions, clicks, and position – and help you optimize how your rich results (both rich snippets and rich cards) are performing in search.

Here’s what it looks like:

Google filter rich results

Rich cards are still pretty new. As we reported last month, rich cards are pretty similar to rich snippets.

You can implement specific structured data markup for elements like ratings and reviews. Rich cards appear at the top of mobile search results in carousels containing cards from just one site, or multiple sites. Upon launch, rich cards were only available for recipes and movies.

Google is certainly giving us a lot of helpful data of late. Just last month a new Google AMP filter, which provides similar information as this rich result filter, was added to the Search Console.

Even though rich snippets aren’t a necessity, they are likely to grow in importance, as SEJ contributor Timothy Carter recently pointed out in his article on rich snippets:

“Without them, you won’t get penalized, and you won’t completely sabotage the other efforts you’ve made,” Carter wrote. “However, if you aren’t using rich snippets, or at least adjusting your strategy to compensate for their existence, you’re missing out on some major visibility potential. In effect, you’re throttling your own results—you just aren’t completely killing them.”

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New In Google Search Console: Rich Results Filter

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