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Google Reviews Their 2010 Blog Posts

Google runs 104 official blogs. These cover their various geographic locations, specific services, different platforms, and much more. As such, when I say that Google has “made a new blog post,” it should be anything but surprising. However, this particular New Year’s post does something a bit more rare: it reviews the most interesting posts on Google’s blogs over the course of 2010.

The post lists the top ten entries it made on the core Google blog (although many of these items are imported from other properties), based on how many unique pageviews that content received. The top item received nearly 11 million unique pageviews.

That item was their April Fools’ joke, titled “A Different Kind of Company Name.” For those of you who missed it, Google changed their name (including on their home page) to Topeka for one day. This was a clear prod at Topeka, Kansas, who had tried to win Google’s attention earlier in the year by (temporarily and unofficially) changing its city name to “Google” — all for the sake of receiving the highly coveted 1gbps internet connection.

Google’s holiday joke received more than ten times the amount of pageviews as the second most highly visited page, which was Google’s new stance on China, which saw just under a million unique pageviews. Other popular posts range from the official introduction of the Chrome OS to the Caffeine update.

On Google’s core blog alone, there were 454 posts which saw a combined total of nearly 25 million unique visitors. This second figure is important in part because it represents a full 70 percent increase from the year prior — a strong display of the fact that people are paying more attention to the company’s announcements and innovations as time goes by.

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Google Reviews Their 2010 Blog Posts

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