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Google Responds to Criticism of New Google My Business Agency Dashboard

Google has addressed feedback about the new Google My Business agency dashboard in the form of an FAQ.

Users have been fairly critical of the new agency dashboard thus far, so Google’s FAQ has been designed around responding to some of the most common concerns.

In a thread published to the official Google My Business help forum, a representative states:

”We’d like to thank you for your feedback on moving listings to Organization accounts and using Organization accounts to sync locations in AdWords. We wanted to let you know that are actively working on addressing this feedback and making the process easier.”

Here is an overview of what’s covered in the FAQ:

  • Does the person granting access downshift to manager? Yes. Google recommends that agencies request manager access, or have the business owner add the agency account directly to their listing. This access level should provide an agency with all of the capabilities they need.
  • Does the business dashboard in Google Search disappear when a listing is moved into an organization account? No. The business dashboard continues to appear on Google with no changes for listings in organization accounts.
  • Will AdWords be able to sync and retrieve locations from under an Organization account? Eventually, yes. This is currently not supported but Google is actively working on a fix and will have a resolution over the next few weeks.
  • What if requesting access to a client’s page doesn’t work? Google says an alternative way of requesting access to a client’s listing is to have the current listing owner add the Org Accounts Location Group ID to the listing as an owner or manager instead.
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Google Responds to Criticism of New Google My Business Agency Dashboard

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