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Google Releases Search Tools to Simplify the Voter Registration Process

Google Releases Search Tools to Simplify the Voter Registration Process

Google is continuing its efforts to encourage people to vote in this November’s presidential election in the United States. With Google’s most recent update, it will provide information directly in the search results about how you can register to vote in your state.

The update goes live as of today and can be triggered by typing “register to vote” in the search bar. Google will then return detailed state-by-state information about how to vote, including the general requirements and voter registration guidelines.

The update is available on both web search and through the Google app. It should be helpful to people who are unsure about how to register to vote in the specific state they live in.

Keeping with its efforts to inform Americans about the election, Google has also announced plans to live stream the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Conventions on YouTube.

Since the beginning of the year, Google has been introducing new search features to keep people informed about the 2016 election. The first feature was introduced in January, which involved providing real-time updates from presidential candidates during debates.

In March, Google released tools which allow people to track search trends and fundraising data about presidential candidates. Now, Google is providing all the information people need to become a registered voter, as well as providing an inside look into the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Google is surely doing its part to increase voter turnout numbers in this election. It would be reasonable to assume Google will continue to introduce even more election-related features as November approaches. We will continue to provide imformation about the updates as they are released.

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Google Releases Search Tools to Simplify the Voter Registration Process

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