Google Plus Ready to Nuke Private Profiles

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The release of Google+ meant of lot of things, but among them was a willingness on Google’s part to push users out into public. Most notably, Google has told users that their profile can either be public or deleted. Google is now poised to wipe out the remaining private profiles.

Google’s Deletion Threats

Not long after Google+ was initially released, Google decided that there wasn’t much of a purpose in private profiles. That included Google profiles that were imported over and retained their old privacy settings. Since Google+ is meant to help people connect, the ability to find people was important.

Users who log into a private profile will now be given the option to either delete the profile or make it public. However, making the profile public only requires that you share your name. Everything else can be kept sealed. And, despite its threats, Google hasn’t yet booted any private profiles.

The Google Plus Privacy Conundrums

Is Google threatening privacy here? As mentioned, users only need to show off their name to keep their profile, so it’s not like we’re swapping credit card numbers. But since Google also requires that users use their actual names, this choice does come with a certain risk. Add to that the fact that average users may not be aware of how to hide information on their profile, and you do have a legitimate concern.

Still, Google has demonstrated – through its privacy policy, ability to hide information, and the very concept of Google Circles – that its social network takes privacy more seriously than the competition. The conundrum of these varying decisions makes it clear that privacy will continue to be an issue, and choices like these could be a way for Facebook to hold its grasp on the social market.

[Sources include: CNET & Google Help Center]

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  • Treb

    Interesting post! Thanks for the shout… 

  • Jimi Patel

    I am impressed with the privacy setting of Google+. Its really great and more secure then Facebook. You can set the different look of your profile person to person. Google+ is social networking site for public. So you have to be real to use it. If you have mentioned wrong name (Spamming), Google will delete it, thats written in the rules of Google+. But still we can say G+ is beta version and constantly updated according to the feedback of users. They are half of the way to make it more stronger then FB. The War is interesting.

  • Kapil Ganatra

    I have used this and I am truly impress with its interface and user to user customized profile settings.. I am sure FB will also enhance its feature to beat Google+ but looking at the speed which Google+ is increasing its popularity and fans its definitely going to good competition to FB and will beat FB and Google+ is superb for business profile I must say..! Good revolution in social media.

    • Jimi Patel

       Hi Kapil, I like your confidence. But still Fb is on 1st position in Social networking jungle. Google have to work harder and harder to reach at that level. Thats why I always say “War will be interesting!!!”

      • Kapil Ganatra

        Hey Jimi, Thanks for the reply and I am agree with you that War will be interesting but I personally believe like its not a war kind of thing and why we people are considering it like war because FB has proved already proved top position in social networking but Google+ is bit different from FB so we can’t compare both because both are best at their place and G+ is continuously improvising its features and will prove best for business profiles to increase visitors .. Nowadays I can say the definition and roles of SEO have been completely changed and people have to focus on social media side rather than focusing on link building kind of things so these social media tools like FB and G+ is good for present your product in global market and for increasing the visitors even in FB you can do paid advertisement which is also good feature… So we should never compare both or not consider as a war but have to be part of the social media and increasing the network by integration of different social media tools… Thanks..

  • Ketan Patel

    A million thanks for posting this informaiton.

  • Ketan Patel

    A million thanks for posting this informaiton.

  • Yonmei

    ” its social network takes privacy more seriously than the competition.”

    “Takes privacy more seriously than Facebook” is about like “takes democracy more seriously than Mubarak”.

    GooglePlus demonstrably does not give a damn about how much its users want the basic privacy right of getting to choose what name you want to identify your profile.