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Google Places Removes Yelp Reviews From Search Results

As of right now, Google has removed all Yelp reviews from its Places feature. Even though the local reviews website’s snippets will no longer be appearing in the Google Places results, relevant results can be found in the “more about this place” section – which is the last section on the Places page.

Evelyn Rusli from Tech Crunch conducted an experiment to see whether or not Yelp snippets had really become a fond memory on Pages. She found that every once in awhile a Yelp snippet would appear, but when clicked on the page was there. It seems this is Google’s way of filtering out the content.

A few months ago Yelp was a little perturbed to find that Google was crawling its pages for content to bolster Pages’ results. The two companies have had a pretty rocky relationship since Yelp walked away from the relationship they had with Google, who was paying them for access to their user-created content. However, they are said to be in “talks” to come to some sort of agreement when it comes to Yelp content being used on Google Places.

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Google Places Removes Yelp Reviews From Search Results

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