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Google Penalized Sites and Linking PageRank

Google Penalized Sites and Linking PageRank

Earlier in the week Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable answered a reader question asking whether sites which have been penalized by Google pass PageRank to sites that they link to, and is the value of such PageRank dampened. Barry answers by first reiterating that PageRank itself is no longer as important in all around search ranking as it once was and that publishers should look at other aspects of sites they wish to partner with for a link.

Barry also tells the reader how to see a page has been penalized by Google; “If you do want to use PR as an example, and the site has a PR0, that may tell you the site is penalized. Obviously, you should verify if the site is indexed in the search engines before jumping to any conclusions.

And what about the link losing its value of a site is penalized? Barry answers “If the site penalized, why would you want it to pass anything to you? If I was sick, like I was last week, would you want me to touch you?

Nuff said Barry.

After reading this post it makes me wonder how many penalized sites may link to my own. If there only was a tool out there which would look at the number of sites which link to you, and then identify those which are a PageRank 0, so I could then ask those sites to erase the link. Anything out there like this?

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Google Penalized Sites and Linking PageRank

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