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Google Partnerships & Enhanced Logo Branding

Google Partnerships & Enhanced Logo Branding

One trend that has been noticed over the past 2 months is that Google is stepping up to the plate in the branding of its logo within its AdSense network along with its major partnerships.

Why? Possibly because Google is not the grassroots company it once was and there has been talk of Google losing its branding due to the association with “Googling” being searching, the old Kleenex scenario.

The more Google builds its visibility and brand recognition of its logo, and not of the text of its company name, the stronger it builds its individual brand.

Hence, the usage of rather surprisingly large Google logos at the end of 2006.

Google & MySpace

MySpace is now showing ‘Powered by Google’ next to its search box which is featured on the MySpace home page, admin pages, and EVERY MySpace profile page.

Google Partnerships & Enhanced Logo Branding

Google & Dell

Today Philipp Lenssen covers the new Google Logo & branding within Dell PC’s:

The splash screen reads “Welcome to your new Dell PC – in partnership with Google” and lists “several useful Google products that come pre-installed on this computer”, including Google Desktop, Dell’s personalized Google homepage, and the Google Toolbar.

Google Partnerships & Enhanced Logo Branding

Google AdSense

Courtesy of Cre8asite Forums, here is the capture of the Google logo running on AdSense, the Google contextual advertising network which is served on millions of web sites.

Google Partnerships & Enhanced Logo Branding

With the expansion of the Google logo across their high profile partnerships, they are bound to build incredibly enhanced brand recognition across the web, especially amongst those Dell owners and MySpace users who did not know that they were using Google to search. Smart move all around by Google.


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