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Google Partners Program Puts New Requirements on Companies

Google Partners changes

A new Google Partners program is launching later this year, which may require current partner companies to make a number of changes.

In order for companies to maintain their Google Partner status, they will have to meet a new set of requirements that go into effect in June 2020.

Google is sending emails to partner companies to help them determine whether they’ll maintain partner status as per the new requirements.

Greg Finn of Cypress North sent us a screenshot which shows Google comparing his company’s current partner status versus what its status will be in June.

As shown in the image above, this particular company would not retain its partner status as per the new requirements.

The reason for this is clearly indicated:

All upcoming changes to Google Partner requirements include:

  • Performance is based on whether the account follows all of Google’s optimization score recommendations.
  • Minimum Google ad spend in last 90 days increases from $10,000 to $20,000.
  • At least 50% of users must have updated Google Ads certifications in Search, Display, Video, and Shopping.
  • Specializations are being replaced by product capabilities (more info still to come on this).

Up until now, performance has been based on a company’s growth in overall revenue and number of advertisers, as well as revenue growth and retention of a company’s clients. As of June 2020, performance will simply be based on whether a company follows Google’s optimization score recommendations.

Google Partner companies that meet the new set of requirements in June 2020 get access to a few new features such as a new Partner badge, new status and product capabilities categories, and new program benefits.

Google Partner Feedback (So Far)

Response to these changes from Google Partner companies has been largely negative so far. The main concern is having to follow all of Google’s recommendations in order to remain a partner.

As Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk) states on Twitter:

“I think the primary concern for the rest of us is that the account recommendations are based on a variety of (potentially problematic) actions for individual accounts… which can now no longer be dismissed and will be counted against our partner statuses.”

In a tweet published earlier this month, Williams makes a case for why Google’s recommendations for partners is problematic:

Some even feel so strongly against following Google’s recommendations that they’re willing to lose their Google Partner badge.

Others are saying the Google Partner program doesn’t offer the same value to companies that it once did.

June 2020 is the deadline for adhering to these new requirements. Check your inbox for an email from Google Partners with more information specific to your company.

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Google Partners Program Puts New Requirements on Companies

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