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Google Pages Allowing Google AdSense Ads

Google Pages Allowing Google AdSense Ads

Google Page Creator, the site building and hosting service offered by Google and launched this year, is now allowing the implementation of Google AdSense ads into user sites; which will lead to some bonus revenue for Google Pages users while also helping Google to monetize their service.

Darren Rowse @ points to an email received by Google Pages users today:

1. Log into your AdSense account at

2. From the AdSense Setup tab, customize and generate your AdSense code

3. Copy the generated code from the ‘Your AdSense code’ box

4. Log into your Google Page Creator account

5. Select the web page you’d like to dis play AdSense ads

6. Select the field where you’d like the ads to appear

7. Click ‘Edit HTML’

8. Paste the AdSense code in the HTML source code of the page

9. Save your updated web page

10. Publish your web page

After taking the steps above, your ads should appear shortly. If you have trouble implementing the Ad Sense code onto your web page, please feel free to respond to this email.

Good luck,

The Google AdSense Team

Google Pages, when launched, was compared to the old ‘build your own personal site system’ of Geocities, which is now part of the Yahoo network. Yahoo does serve contextual advertising within its Geocities pages, however, does not have the advertising set up as a revenue sharing structure like that of Google’s.

In the same fashion as Google’s steps in sharing the wealth with their Blogger members (Google used to serve AdSense ads on Blogger blogs hosted on without sharing the earnings with bloggers), Google’s new sense of giving within Google Pages may spark some excitement in the project, while maybe also adding a new free hosted service which will be targeted for AdSense spamming.

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Google Pages Allowing Google AdSense Ads

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