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Google Page Creator & Hosting Service

Google Page Creator & Hosting Service

Google Labs has introduced the Google Page Creator, a free tool which lets almost anyone build a web page, even if that person has little or no HTML experience. Excuse the comparison, but Google Page Creator seems like a modern Google version of the old Geocities idea – with what seems to be a much more user friendly site development interface.

Google says that users need no technical knowledge to build high quality sites, that Google Page Creator uses WYSIWYG technology, and that Google will pick up the site hosting at “”

My Gmail username is WebAdvertising, so from a branding or possibly SEO standpoint I’m quite happy I grabbed that Gmail account name while it was available. This also brings rhyme to the reason of the horde of publishers gobbling (or goobling) up Google Account and Gmail names which are associated with hot web products. Yes, I’m afraid that Google Page Creator may become a hotbed of spam.

On the otherhand, it’s sure to also become a logical next step in the Master Google Plan of acquiring and hosting user content via Blogger, Blogger Photos, Picasa, Google Base and Google Talk.

I’m on a train right now from Tokyo to my home in Northern Japan, so I will not have time to test out Google Page Creator – possibly until tomorrow. But if you have, please feel free to review the interface and leave examples of your Google Pages in the Comments below.

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Google Page Creator & Hosting Service

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