Google Officially Confirms Traffic Power Ban

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Google Officially Confirms Traffic Power Ban

Matt Cutts writes Confirming a penalty where he specifically is talking for Google in his post. He said in a bold statement;

I can confirm that Google has removed and domains promoted by Traffic Power from our index because of search engine optimization techniques that violated our webmaster guidelines at webmasters/guidelines.html.

This is not only huge for Google, in that they have started calling out names of those they ban. It is also huge support for Aaron Wall’s Defense Against Traffic Power.

As you can imagine, there are many forums talking about this including;

* Search Engine Roundtable Forums
* Search Engine Watch Forums
* WebmasterWorld

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  • Nathan Mills

    I understand big companies doing that but I get pissed when smaller companies with their new unproven service or technology tries to do the same. I signed up as a publisher with this newer company Hyperbidder and they penalized me for putting down my average page views per month. They claimed I put in too high of a number that did not match my Alexa ranking, so they demoted my listing, and I am not listed high any longer. I do not even come in the first five pages. OK I exagerrated a bit with my page views average, but they took out three digits and placed me behind the 1million page views club. Now advertisers have to browse through a lot more pages just to see my campaigns. I hate them. Do not make a mistake and exaggerate your numbers or they fry you. They don’t even tell you, they just dumb you to the back of their publishers list.