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Google Offering A Contextual AdWords Rebate

Google Offering A Contextual AdWords Rebate

Google has reacted to the amount of AdWords advertisers that have chosen not to do contextual advertising via Google AdWords, which then is published as AdSense ads on Google Advertising Netowrk sites. In a letter to AdWords advertisers, Google is offering a 20-25% rebate on NEW Google Contextual AdWords advertisers who run a campaign between August 4th and September 30, 2004.

Google has even set up a nifty 9 minute Webinar on the benefits of Contextual AdWords

Here’s the letter:

7 Reasons to reconsider Google contextual advertising

You’re not using Google’s content network option, and we think we understand why: You weren’t getting the return on investment you expected. So we improved our program to address your concerns.

We’re offering you a rebate of up to $1500 to try contextual advertising because we are so confident it can work for you. And we have created a nine minute webinar you can watch right now to better understand how to make contextual advertising improve your business.

Here are 7 reasons to reconsider contextual advertising with Google:

1. Lower cost for content clicks with new Smart Pricing

2. Even more publishing partners with a readership of millions of potential customers

3. Best practice shows you how to customize contextual advertising to work for you

4. Free conversion tracking tool shows how your content clicks perform versus search clicks for every Ad Group

5. New ads with images showcase your brand with the precision of Google targeting

6. Advertisers share how they reach more qualified prospects with contextual advertising

7. For a limited time, you may receive up to $1500 in AdWords credit when you place one or more campaigns into our content network (see details below)

The average AdWords advertiser can generate up to 25% more additional targeted prospects by simply choosing to distribute ads on our content network. With contextual advertising, you reach people not only when they’re searching for information, you also reach them when they’ve found it.

We look forward to continue providing you with the most effective advertising available.


The Google AdWords Team

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Google Offering A Contextual AdWords Rebate

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