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Google My Search History

Google My Search History

Google just announced Google My Search History, a method to “view and manage your search history from any computer.” Chris Sherman has a detailed write up about this new product by Google, where he begins by writing; “Say goodbye to bookmarks: Google has rolled out a seriously cool search history feature that automatically keeps track of all of your web searches and every page that you view from search results.”

From Chris Sherman : My Search History differs from the automatic caching feature in the Google Desktop application, which saves copies of web pages you’ve viewed on your personal computer. My Search History doesn’t save web pages; rather, it saves your search behavior, and makes it easy to rediscover both your past queries and the search result pages you’ve viewed.

“We view this product as a complement to the desktop search,” said Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web Products.

Unlike personalization options from Yahoo and Ask Jeeves that are hidden away and have their own interface, Google’s My Search History integrates directly into the main Google search and result pages. And you don’t have to do anything special, such as explicitly select search results, to make it work.

Using the application is easy. Simply enter your query in a Google search box and click the additional “Search History” button that is installed next to the familiar “Search Web” button. Results are displayed in what Google calls the Main View for your search history.

From Google :

My Search History lets you easily view and manage your search history from any computer. This feature of Google web search enables you to find information you thought you lost. And over time, you’ll see an increasing number of relevance indicators in your search results that help you find the information you want.

Forum coverage at WebmasterWorld and Search Engine Watch Forums.

Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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Google My Search History

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