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Google My Business Rolls Out Tool for Adding Listings to Agency Accounts

Google My Business Rolls Out Tool for Adding Listings to Agency Accounts

Google is launching a new tool for Google My Business that will make it easier to transfer individual listings to agency accounts.

Agency accounts were first introduced this past May as a solution for organizations that manage a number individual business listings.

Non-agency accounts are limited to managing 100 locations, while agency accounts can manage an unlimited number of locations.

In addition, agency accounts receive access to an exclusive dashboard that’s designed specifically to meet the needs organizations managing a large number of listings.

The new tool that Google is now rolling out will improve the process of migrating regular business listings into agency accounts.

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When dealing with 100-plus Google My Business listings, the process of migrating all of them to a newly created agency account could become repetitive and time-consuming.

Google aims to simplify the process with the launch of this new tool, which is now accessible to a limited number of agency accounts.

The tool will soon be made more widely available, Google says, but no timeframe was given.

No further details are available at this time, but more information will be released as the tool rolls out to more organizations.


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