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Google My Business Changes Post Limit to 1,500 Characters

Google has changed the length of posts published via Google My Business to 1,500 characters.

Previously, the length of Google My Business posts was based on words, not characters.

Google used to require a minimum of 100 words per post, up to a maximum of 300 words.

Now there is apparently no minimum length for Google My Business posts.

In most cases, users will find that the maximum length for posts has been shortened, as 1,500 characters are approximately the equivalent of 250 words.

Of course, that will vary depending on the size of words an individual uses.

I believe users will be hard pressed to stretch 1,500 characters into 300 words or more.

That means users who previously wrote posts that met the 300-word limit will now have to get used to writing shorter posts.

Although that may be a good thing because 300 words would make for a fairly sizable post on a platform like Google My Business.

When users visit a GMB page they’re looking for short bursts of information that they can absorb quickly.

It’s not a place where people go to read articles. That’s what a website is for.

Not to mention one of the key benefits of GMB posts is that they show up in Maps and search results. So being succinct is key in order to grab people’s attention.

The length of a tweet or Facebook post is closer to the ideal length of a post on Google My Business.

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Google My Business Changes Post Limit to 1,500 Characters

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