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Google My Business Account Migration Tool is Now Widely Available

Google has made widely available a tool that will assist Google My Business users with migrating their listings to an agency account.

This tool was first announced earlier this month, although at that time it was only available on a limited basis.

According to multiple announcements, it appears that the tool is now available to everyone with an agency account.

Google made an announcement on the Google My Business help forums, as well an announcement on Twitter.

Migrating locations from a personal account to an agency account

There are two ways to migrate accounts – an assisted migration and a self-migration.

Below you will find instructions on how to do both.

Assisted migration

To begin migrating accounts, first login to your agency account and navigate to the “Overview” tab.

Then click the “Got existing locations to transfer?” card. This will prompt you to go through the rest of the steps in the location transfer process.

After you submit the location transfer request, the transfer will take approximately 48 hours to process.

Once complete, transferred locations will appear in the “Manage locations” tab of the organization account.


Migrating a single location

When logged into your agency account, request access to the location you own in your personal account.

You’ll be prompted to specify a location group for the location to be added to.

Then login to your personal account and accept the invitation.

This allows your agency account to manage the location in the specified location group.

Migrating multiple locations

  • In your personal account, transfer the locations to a single location group.
  • In your personal account, add your organization as an owner of the location group. You’ll need to specify the right organization by entering its 10-digit organization ID.
  • In your organization account, accept the invitation. This will allow your organization to manage all locations in the location group.

Once a location is migrated, Google recommends removing the location from your personal account.

For more information, see this help center article.

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Google My Business Account Migration Tool is Now Widely Available

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