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Google Moving China Search Data to United States

Google Moving China Search Data to United States

Google has moved its China search history data (which may or may not include GMail) out of the Peoples’ Republic of China and to the US. The reasoning for the move of the search information was to prevent the Chinese government from accessing such private info.

Recently Google’s competitor Yahoo was forced to hand over information on Chinese suspected criminals and has come under International fire for having to comply with Chinese authorities. Google is taking this preemptive strike against Chinese meddling in its data before the same happens to Google China, which has endured its share of bad press from the forced censorship of search results in China.

Nathan Weinberg posts on InsideGoogle:

Of course, Google moved the data into the U.S., where the government is already famously trying to get access to… search history data. Oops. Techdirt suggests Google move the U.S. search history data to China, while keeping the China data here, and just hope that playing a game of hot potato will get everyone off their back. Methinks Google’s government problems won’t be going away anytime soon.

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Google Moving China Search Data to United States

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