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Google: Mobile Speed Should Be an Ongoing Priority

Google: Mobile Speed Should Be an Ongoing Priority

Google encourages businesses not to think of mobile speed as a one-and-done fix. It should be an ongoing priority.

Mary Ellen Coe, president of Google Customer Solutions, penned an article outlining the reasons why mobile speed should be taken more seriously.

“While there are as many growth strategies as there are types of businesses, there’s one area where nearly every business has room to improve: the mobile web.”

Having a mobile presence is no longer enough. In order for businesses to grow, they need to continue delivering speedy mobile experiences.

Fifty-four percent of people say that as the load time for a brand’s mobile site increases, so does their frustration.

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To that end, a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to twenty percent.

Conversely, a fast mobile experience can help attract and retain customers.

Milliseconds can earn millions, Coe says. No matter how fast a site is today, the will eventually degrade over time if it’s not an ongoing priority.

Mobile Speed Case Studies


Outdoor clothing company Dakine cut the load time of its start page by 55%, of category pages by 48%, and of product pages by 65%.

Over the next year, Dakine saw mobile traffic increase by 31%, mobile revenue by 45%, and tablet sales by 4%.

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BMW improved its mobile speed using AMP and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

After those changed, the proportion of people clicking from to a BMW sales site soared from 8% to 30%. That’s nearly 4X higher than it was before.

Google’s New Test My Site Tool

When figuring out where to invest your resources when it comes to mobile site speed, Google recommends its new Test My Site tool.

A completely rebuilt version of Test My Site was rolled out earlier this week. See our coverage of the update to learn what’s new.

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