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Google Makes World Bank Data Available in Search

It doesn’t matter whether Google took this long to do this, it is definitely all worth the wait. I’m talking about the integration World Bank development indicators to Google search. Google just announced that World Bank’s 17 World Development Indicators which are previously buried deep within World Bank’s database is now finally available to anyone using Google Search.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 6.01.10 AM

Being in another development financial institution for several years now, I’ve seen  how deveopment analysts rely so much on these World Bank indicators. It’s like the fuel that keeps development researchers from going on with what they are doing to alleviate poverty and develop economic policy.

With these development indicators in its search engine, Google has even worked out something to make the display of data more enticing and intuitive. Hence bring a new dimension to these otherwise boring to look at development indicators.

Development indicators can be displayed through an interactive chart where data between countries can be compared easily.  Even better is the fact that these charts can be easily embedded on any site or blogs. You can even select to embed static or dynamically updating charts.

Now it’s time  to evangelize about these new Google search features to my colleagues.

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Google Makes World Bank Data Available in Search

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