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Google Makes it Possible to Temporarily Remove Sites From Search Results

Google is updating the Removals report in Search Console with the ability to temporarily remove sites from search results.

The new version of the Removals report also includes data on outdated content, SafeSearch filtering requests, and information on pages that has been reported via other Google tools.

Temporarily remove pages from Google Search

Site owners can now temporarily remove specific pieces of content from Google’s search results. This is useful if you need to remove pages from Google Search quickly, though keep in mind the pages can still be found by other search engines.

This tool is not something to use if you wish to remove pages for only a few days or weeks, as a successful removal request will last for roughly six months. It’s designed to give site owners enough time to find a permanent solution.

Using the temporary removals tool, site owners can also perform a clear cache URL request. This will clear the cached page and wipe out the description snippet from Google Search until the page is crawled again.

Outdated Content

Requests made through the public Remove Outdated Content tool can now be tracked in Search Console’s new outdated content section.

This tool is not limited to just site owners, it can be used by anyone to update SERPs that show information which is no longer included on a page.

SafeSearch Filtering

If pages on your site have been reported as adult content, you can now view a history of these reports in the SafeSearch Filtering section.

URLs reported to Google through the SafeSearch Suggestion tool are reviewed and tagged as adult content if reviewers believe they should be filtered from SafeSearch results.

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Google Makes it Possible to Temporarily Remove Sites From Search Results

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