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Google Launches Google News Mobile

Google Launches Google News Mobile

Google Launches Google News Mobile

Google has announced the addition of Google News to their mobile offerings, bringing the informational goodness of Google News to cell phones, train stations, and waiting rooms all over the country. On the Google News Mobile site Google says that “You can access top headlines, browse through news categories, or search for exactly the stories you want – all in a phone-friendly format that’s easy to read and navigate. All you need is a web-enabled phone.”

Like most Google offerings, Google News Mobile is debuting in Beta mode and also like Google News, Google News Mobile works by sending the end user to sites which are hosted outside of the Google MoBorg – making it a news gateway. Currently Google News Mobile is only available for access to English language news sources, but Google is planning on expansion.

Unlike the desktop browser based version of Google News, Google News Mobile does not list all of the sites in the Google News index.

Instead, Google News Mobile links only to publishers with pages specifically designed for viewing on mobile phones – which is plenty reason for publishers to now offer a mobile friendly version (more info for publishers and indexing their sites in the Google News Mobile FAQ).

If users have a PDA, Smartphone or a phone or mobile device that can view HTML pages, the entire Google News index can be accessed in the same way as the traditional desktop version.

Google News Mobile now joins Google Mobile’s application of search services including Google Local Mobile, Google Search Mobile, Image Search Mobile, SMS and Google Personalized Homepage for the mobile.


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