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Google Launches Beginner-Friendly GA4 Training Course

Google has introduced a free, beginner-oriented training course on Google Analytics 4 to aid businesses in optimizing their performance.

Google has launched a new free online course to teach beginners how to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The course aims to provide a starting point for people who want to learn about GA4 but have little or no experience. It focuses on setting up a Google Analytics account and validating data collection.

Google designed the material for small business owners, marketers, students, or anyone looking to start with Analytics. No prior knowledge is required.

Upon completing the training, participants can grasp how Google Analytics collects and processes data, set up a Google Analytics account to align with business objectives and understand how data is organized into reports.

Course Breakdown

The training program is divided into several sections, each focusing on a unique aspect of Google Analytics.

Screenshot from:, August 2023.

Here’s an overview of each section.

Using Digital Analytics To Boost Your Business

This section explains how digital analytics can support your business by gathering, measuring, and analyzing data from digital platforms like websites or mobile apps.

It uses real-world examples, such as the Google Merchandise Store and the mobile gaming app Flood-It, to illustrate how analytics can inform marketing decisions and improve business outcomes.

Understanding Data Handling In Google Analytics

This part of the training explores how user data flows into Google Analytics and how it is processed to generate informative reports.

This section delves into the practical aspects of attaching a tag to your website and the process of data collection and conversion into actionable insights.

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account & Property

Here, participants learn about the structure of a Google Analytics account, including the concept of properties and data streams.

This section guides setting up your Google Analytics account to reflect your business structure best.

Preparing Your Website & App For Data Collection

These sections guide users on how to set up their websites and apps to start collecting business data.

The training covers everything from generating a measurement ID to implementing the Firebase Software Development Kit for app data collection.

Confirming Data Collection

In this part, participants learn how to use the real-time report to verify that data from their website is being collected successfully. The segment provides troubleshooting tips for common issues that may arise.

Managing Account Access & Settings

This section provides an overview of the admin menu, explaining how users can manage their Google Analytics account and property settings, including granting access permissions to team members and managing sensitive data.

Enhancing Reports With Dimensions and Metrics

The course’s final section introduces the concepts of dimensions and metrics, explaining how these elements help aggregate and visually represent data in reports.

It also covers setting up custom events and registering custom dimensions and metrics to make data more valuable and specific to individual business needs.

In Summary

Google’s free training course on GA4 offers a comprehensive and accessible guide for beginners.

Key takeaways from this course include understanding how data is collected and processed, setting up an Analytics account, and using dimensions and metrics to enhance reports.

To get the most out of this training, users are encouraged to actively engage with the course material and apply the lessons to their own business contexts.

Participants can continue to more advanced modules after completing the beginner-friendly training path.

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Google Launches Beginner-Friendly GA4 Training Course

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