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Google Keyword Planner Makes it Easier to Share Plans With Others

Google is making it easier to share keyword plans plans with other people without leaving the Keyword Planner tool.

As Google points out, sharing plans with others has always been a limitation of Keyword Planner. So the company is finally addressing this issue:

“Keyword Planner is a helpful tool for when you want to search for new keywords, get historical metrics, and forecast future performance. However, it hasn’t always been easy to share your new keyword plans with everyone who needs to see them. That’s why you can now create, save, and share plans from directly within Keyword Planner.”

Previously, users would have had to download keyword plans to their computer and send them to others through email or a file sharing program.

Google points out how this feature can be useful for advertisers who need to create multiple keyword plans and share them all with others:

“Let’s say you are a sports retailer planning to launch three new product lines: running shoes, fitness apparel, and gym accessories. In order to share your keyword plans in the past, you would need to create, download, and email them individually. Now you can create separate plans for each product line and share them directly with others for feedback, all without leaving Keyword Planner.”

As someone who works on remote teams, I can already think of many occasions where the ability to share keyword plans within Keyword Planner will be useful. I imagine this will streamline the workflow for people who regularly need to share their work in Keyword Planner with team members or clients.

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Google Keyword Planner Makes it Easier to Share Plans With Others

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