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Google Japan Blog Launched

Google Japan Blog Launched

Google Japan Blog Launched

Google Japan has launched their own Google Japan Blog, hosted by Blogger, which shows some behind the scenes pics and info on things going on at their Tokyo offices. I stopped by Google Japan last week and can’t help to wonder if the popularity of the Hanging Out With Google Japan post had any influence on their decision to launch the blog (or atleast some of the blog’s content):

Let’s compare images:

Google Japan Blog LaunchedGoogle Japan Blog Launched

(By the way, this comparison makes me look short, but Hiro seems to be standing on a chair or something in the top picture.)

The Google Japan Blog should help the Google company (and Blogger) gain more share of the Japanese market, which is ruled by Yahoo. Japan is literally blog crazy, everyone either seems to blog and reads blogs, and the market is domainated by female oriented blogs – a big difference from the English blogging market.

Other International Google Blogs include:
Google China Blog
Google Korea Blog

For an example of the popularity of blogs in Japan, Blog Herald reports on a new Japanese TV show on blogs:

Joi Ito the venture capitalist, and VP of International and Mobility for Technorati and the Chairman of Six Apart Japan will be hosting a TV Show in Japan that appears to be very blog centric, the best part about it is that he will be licensing it under a Creative Commons license, and republishing it via a Video Blog

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Google Japan Blog Launched

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